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2011 Spring/Summer Softball Playoffs


Westside Raiders of King Holmes outplayed Lewisville Sluggers-Lewis Brisbois, 20-7

MVP:  Don Welty of King Holmes

Home-Run Hitters: Matt Taylor – Lewis Brisbois

                                                                        Don Welty – King Holmes

                                                                        Jose Valdez – King Holmes




Munger Tolles overcame Gibbs Giden, 16-14

   MVP:  Jonathan Levy of Munger Tolles

   Home-Run Hitters:  George Matula – Munger Tolles



                                        “C” SEMI-FINALS

         Latham & Watkins eliminated Hinshaw & Culbertson, 14-8

MVP:  Richard McMurry

Home Run Hitters: Bob Layton – Hinshaw & Culbertson


             Kirkland & Ellis defeated Morris Polich/Loeb & Loeb/Free Agents, 14-9

MVP: Paul Leaf of Kirkland & Ellis

Home Run Hitters:  Paul Leaf – Kirkland & Ellis (Grand Slam)

                                Fernando Robledo – Kirkland & Ellis   



                                                        “C” CHAMPIONSHIP

Latham & Watkins outscored Kirkland & Ellis, 29-13

MVP:  Travis Sheets of Latham & Watkins

                                           Home Run Hitters:      Travis Sheets – Latham & Watkins

                                                                             Jeff Heintz – Latham & Watkins

                                                                             Keith Young – Latham & Watkins

                                                                             Weston Krider – Kirkland & Ellis



 County Counsel outhit Sedgwick LA, 12-6

 MVP:  Craig Liu of County Counsel

 Home Run Hitters:   Craig Liou – County Counsel

                                 Dave Moore – County Counsel


Wood Smith edged out Allen Matkins, 4-2

       MVP:  Daniel Turner of Wood Smith



County Counsel beat Robie & Mathai, 14-8

    MVP:  Lisa Salazar of County Counsel

     Home Run Hitter:  Walker Kehrer –Robie & Mathai


Wood Smith overpowered Winston & Strawn, 20-7

MVP:  Amy Pennington of Wood Smith

Home Run Hitter:  Pat Gutierrez – Wood Smith



Wood Smith defeated County Counsel, 9-2

MVP:  William “Kwam” Ngissah of Wood Smith

Home Run Hitters -    Stewart Reid – Wood Smith

Santo Riccobono – Wood Smith

Michelle Turner – Wood Smith