Slow Pitch Softball Rules

Click to download a PDF version of the 2018 Spring/Summer softball rules.


Regular SCMAF Slow Pitch Softball and LLL Special Slow Pitch Softball Rules to be enforced.


There is a limit of 10 Players on the field.  In Coed Softball, there is no limit to the number of female players that may participate at any time during the game, but not to exceed the total of 10 players. 

LIMIT: THREE MALE PLAYERS MORE THAN FEMALE PLAYERS on the playing field at any time.

 Examples of Players on the Field: 3 Women-6 Men; 4 Women-6 men; 5 Women-5 Men


 A LEGAL GAME may start with each team having at least FIVE (5) players, ONE (1) of which must be an attorney AND ONE (1) which must be a female player. 

 By the beginning of the 2nd Inning, both teams must have SIX (6) players, THREE (3) of which must be attorneys AND THREE (3) of which must be female players.  Otherwise, the game will revert to a "Sanctioned" Game and continued to be officiated.
NOTE:  If teams start with one or two female players, during the 1st inning, an "Out" will be declared each

   time the "missing" female player(s) would be at bat.  Thereafter, if a "Sanctioned" Game is declared,

   the alternating gender batting rotation does not apply.                                               

 If one of the THREE (3) required women is injured during the game, the team proceeds to play without her. 

When the injured woman’s position comes up to bat, an automatic “Out” will be declared per SCMAF rules, unless she is replaced by another female.


 SANCTIONED GAMES are played when either team meets ANY of the following conditions at GAME TIME:

             1.  has less than five players on the Field

            2.  has no attorneys on the Field

            3.  has no female players on the Field

4.  uses players from the opposing team or another LLL team


   Prior to the bat contacting the ball, all outfielders (4) must be positioned at a minimum of 160 feet from home plate.

           A) Our umpires will set cone to mark the distance of 160 feet from homeplate as a visual indicator of the              “restriction line” to the Outfielders.

           B)  Umpires will raise their left hand to indicate a violation of the Defense Rule.

  Delayed Dead Ball”: the ball remains live until the conclusion of the play. 

                  Batter will be awarded first base unless he/she reaches any base safely.


 A male batter who is walked on three consecutive balls with no strikes thrown during his time at bat shall be awarded second base.
A male batter who is walked on three balls with at least one strike thrown during his time at bat shall be awarded first base.
A female batter who is walked, regardless of the count, shall be awarded first base.


 The Batting Order MUST ALTERNATE BETWEEN Men & Women throughout the game, including “Tie Breaker” innings, regardless of:

 1.      The total number of players batting

2.      The respective NUMBER of male or female batters

3.      Whether or not a continuous line-up is used

Example:  A team has 10 men (Numbered 1-10) and 4 Women (Numbered A-D) Batting Rotation will be:

                 1-A   2-B   3-C   4-D   5-A   6-B   7-C   8-D   9-A   10-B   1-C……etc.


 A Courtesy Runner is defined in the enclosed Slow Pitch Softball Rules.  This runner must be of the SAME GENDER as the player for whom they are running, whenever physically possible per Umpire’s discretion.


Coed teams must alternate gender: If a FEMALE is placed at 2nd Base, the Batting Order is M-F-M

            If a MALE is placed at 2nd Base, the Batting Order is F-M-F.