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Landau Lawyers League

EXPERIENCE YOU CAN COUNT ON…For over 50 years, the Landau Lawyers League (LLL) has organized quality sports leagues for attorneys and firm personnel. LLL is a nonprofit corporation designed to serve attorneys and is committed to providing recreation excellence of fun and competition against their colleagues. Teams compete in ability balanced athletic competitions in prime venues throughout Los Angeles.



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Basketball MVPs

  • John Park
  • Andrew Levine
  • Riley Smith
  • Ryan Daneshrad
  • Phillip Okonma
  • Stephen Chichportich
  • Michael Feispor
  • Ralph Bradley
  • Harrison Hodgin
  • Neal Rosenshein
  • Padraic Foran
  • Les Portney
  • Updated 4/10/19

Softball MVPs

  • Dan Stuart
  • Scott Fennel
  • Sarah Kelly-Kilgore
  • Max Shapiro
  • Britt Choi
  • Matt Taylor
  • Updated 4/15/19