Lake St CC: 227 N Lake St 90026

Roybal LC: 1200 Colton St 90026

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Downtown C 0902
  1. Wilshire Law Firm
  2. MoFo
  3. Buchalter
  4. Jackson Lewis
  5. Clark Hill
  6. Larson
  7. Munger Tolles


Teams Win Loss Points
Wilshire Law Firm204
Clark Hill204
Jackson Lewis102
Munger Tolles02-1

MVP: Stephan Chichportich of Wilshire Law, 16 pts.

POG: Kenny Martin of MoFo, 20 pts.

MVP: Payam Malakouti of Jackson Lewis, 20 pts.

POG: Marc Afable of Munger Tolles, 24 pts.

MVP: David You of Clark Hill, 6 pts.

POG: Brendan Larson of Larson, 12 pts.

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