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Standings as of 5/20/24

Cheviot Hills COED

Teams Win Loss Points
Esquire Deposition408
Latham & Watkins224
Allen Matkins214
Paul Hastings214
Davis Wright122
Goodwin Law04-1



Pooya Eghbali-Sohi of Buchalter

Dan Stuart of Esquire Deposition Solutions

Katie McKeon of Latham & Watkins

Homerun Hitters:


Pooya Eghbali-Sohi of Buchalter

Aaron Elster of Buchalter

Brett Voets of Buchalter

Bailey Peiffer of Buchalter

Cameron Brown of Buchalter

JP Maniscalco of Paul Hastings

Matt Taylor or Esquire Depositions

Josh Hamilton of Latham & Watkins

John Heintz of Latham & Watkins



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